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Shivam Chaat Corner is excited about offering a menu full of authentic Indian food in Marietta, GA. Many customers know my place to be a high-quality Indian restaurant that serves the tastiest Indian cuisine around town. Diners regularly tell me about traveling miles to come experience the uniqueness I offer. When combined with my favorable food pricing, it just does not get much better!

Indian food is known internationally for using subtle, yet sophisticated, varieties of spices and herbs. India is known as the land of diverse cultural cuisines. It contains distinct geographical regions, each offering its own unique cooking methods, locally grown spices and herbs, and dishes. In short, many culinary experts consider this subcontinent to be the epitome of ethnic culinary diversity. I bring this to light with every dish prepared in my licensed kitchen.

North Indian food uses Tandoor, Handi, Uruli, and Karahi as cooking methods. My menu includes Aloo gobi, a dish consisting of potatoes and cauliflower sautéed with garam masala. Dal, a traditional dish made with different types of lentils, is always a hit with my valued diners.

Enjoy some of my South Indian food. Onion or vegetable fritters, known as Bajji are very popular. I recommend Bonda, a potato and gram flour ball, as a flavorful snack. The menu options are limitless for nutritiously satisfying hunger throughout the day.

Pick up a menu from Shivam Chaat Corner when in the Marietta, GA, area. I promise it will open up horizons to a new world of ethnic culinary delights previously unimagined.

Take some time while out and about to pick up a copy.

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